Meditation Space and Near-Daily Meditation Drop-in Sessions

Established and ran the first ever silent meditation room on our campus with the support of Campus Life (formerly Residential College) at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus. All meditation cushions, blocks and blankets are provided for students and staff. The space can be booked by staff to hold relaxation, meditation and other group practices for staff and students. Ran near-daily drop-in meditation sessions during the semester for staff and students that combine breath- and body-awareness meditative practices with relaxation. This initiative aims to support student and staff wellbeing and provide a silent space on an often hectic and chaotic campus. Although this initiative took a great of energy and time to establish, it is now well-established and its running and maintenance take care of themselves.

Mental Health Awareness Week

Run meditation sessions and breath work workshops as part of the Mental Health Awareness Week campaign ‘RU OK?’ at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus.

Staff Yoga Programme

Established and ran the first staff yoga programme in collaboration with the UNNC Sports Centre at the University of Nottingham Ningbo China campus, with six yoga teachers in total. Each semester there are a number of yoga classes for staff and their families to join. All yoga equipment (blocks, mats, blankets and straps) are provided by UNNC Sports Centre. In 2019, I was awarded Staff Contribution of the Year’ for this work since its genesis in 2015.


Yoga and Meditation Sessions in Local Schools and Local Workplaces 

Offer taster sessions upon request in local schools and local workplaces. Some of the places for teaching yoga and meditation in primary and secondary school classrooms and hospitals for supporting staff wellbeing. Also run sessions, courses and workshops as part of local charity events.


Educational Research