Nutrition Books

The China Study: The Most Comprehensive Study of Nutrition Ever Conducted and the Startling Implications for Diet, Weight Loss and Long-Term Health
One of my favourite books on nutrition, its so very comprehensive as the title suggests and forces you to look at plant-based nutrition and food science differently.

Chinese Medicine: The Web That Has No Weaver
A great overview on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and a great read for debunking all too common myths on the science behind TCM.

Food As Medicine
Another excellent but easy read from Dr.Dharma Singh Khalsa, not as good as Meditation as Medicine but still informative.

Eating Well For Optimum Health
Dr. Andrew Weil always talks sense and ultimately simply recommends a fresh, whole foods and anti-inflammatory diet.

Hot Cold Health: Bioenergetics, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda & Naturopathy
Another book that offers insight into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

The Hot Belly Diet: A 30-Day Ayurvedic Plan to Reset Your Metabolism, Lose Weight, and Restore Your Body’s Natural Balance to Heal Itself
I am not keen on these days 1-whatever diets, but the explanations are very helpful.

Integrative Nutrition (Third Edition): Feed Your Hunger for Health and Happiness
Produced by the IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I originally received this ebook as a free sign-up gift via the website but it is now only available for purchase via Amazon. I think it is worth spending money on though, I would buy it if I didn’t already have a free copy.

Naturally Healthy and Happy: My Simple Guide to Living a Holistic Lifestyle
There are so many books like this one out there, the most recent ones I’ve perused seem to be the worst, written by young women with little to no reliable knowledge of nutrition. All I can say is I like this woman a lot; her healthy looking body and her style of sharing her expertise.

Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
An eclectic and balanced take on nutrition.

The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook: Over 300 Delicious Whole Foods Recipes, Including Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and Egg-Free Dishes
Great for getting started, but some blogs are beginning to overtake these types of cookbooks in my opinion.

Whole: Rethinking The Science Of Nutrition
The follow up to The China Study. Thank you T. Colin Campbell, you’re fantastic!

Nutrition Websites

The Centre for Mind-Body Medicine
Developed and well-established, this website offers a lot of different content from eCourses to face-to-face training to fascinating stories on projects.

Cooking Light
Almost exactly the same as the website Eating Well, a nice fuss-free approach to nutrition and cooking. Too much free advertising litters this site though!

Eating Well
Nice fuss-free approach to nutrition and cooking, I often see some nice ideas here. Too much free advertising litters this site though!

Healthy At Every Size
A must to look into, Linda Bacon is calling for a stop to the war on weight. In total agreement and she has a refreshing (and sadly rare) approach to holistic nutrition.

Healthy Holistic Living
Clean and jargon-free website on holistic living, I like it. And I don’t like that many.

I like the range of resources available online, but the courses are paid (I haven’t paid to take one) because something feels a little commercial. But I do like scouting this website from time to time.

Taking Charge Of Your Health & Wellbeing
A very user-friendly University of Minnesota website, aimed to empower individuals to ‘take charge’ of their health on a small and realistic scale. Good job all round I say.

This is actress Gwenyth Paltrow’s side business, many of the vegetarian recipes are excellent and it also contains a lot of information on healthy living.

Nutrition Magazines/Journals

Elephant Journal
Who doesn’t love Elephant Journal for all it offers online on a daily basis?

Vegetarian Times
Wonderful and wholesome recipes for vegetarians. Not at all pretentious or neurotic about nutrition, I like this magazine a lot.

Nutrition Audio Courses

The Joys Of Eating Well
I really enjoyed this one, Dr.Caroline Ross’ and Dr.Andrew Weil’s guidance on eating well and discouraging weight loss as a main motivating factor and takes you deeper into motivating factors or eating well. Lovely. Available via Sounds True.

Break Free From Emotional Eating
Geneen Roth simplifies this into five principles, I enjoyed it very much. Available via Sounds True.

The Mindful Appetite
Specialising in eating disorders, Dr.Susan Albers is well worth exploring if you struggle with getting a hold on your relationship with your food. Available via Sounds True.

Bite By Bite
Another one by Geneen Roth, I enjoyed it too. In fact, I enjoy everything by Geneen Roth. Available via Sounds True.

Nutrition Free Courses

Nutrition For Health Promotion & Disease Prevention, University of California (Coursera, Online)
This Coursera (I love Coursera) taught me a lot. I would recommend it to everyone interested in nutrition. Evidence-based science, very informative, delivered clearly, and the practical element of the assessment is also enjoyable. And it’s totally free (or you can pay a small fee in order to receive university credits for it).

Fundamentals Of Human Nutrition, University Of Florida (Coursera, Online)
As it sounds, a basic overview but helpful because it does dispel some myths about human nutrition that are sadly retold everywhere these days.

Nutrition, Health & Lifestyle: Issues & Insights, Vanderbilt University (Coursera, Online)
Another great Coursera course I would recommend. I personally didn’t enjoy this one as much (not everything was new to me) but still very high quality and totally free!

Holistic Nutrition (School Natural Health Sciences, Online)
Some lovely introductory eCourses on natural health from Aromatherapy to Holistic Nutrition. This is course was my introduction to Holistic Nutrition, and despite being short it was most certainly insightful. The online materials are rather dated but the content is not at all.

Integrative Nutrition (Institute Of Integrative Nutrition, Online)
The producers of some interesting short eCourses, free resources and also the well-known INN holistic nutrition qualification. I think the free resources are particularly good.

Nutrition APPS

MB Daily
I am a huge fan of Metabolic Balance, the only health programme maybe alongside the Macrobiotic that I would recommend. This APP makes managing healthy eating with a busy routine much easier. Use the APP by following the simple eight principles even if you’re not an MBer.

Very helpful for understanding the nutritional content of the foods you eat on daily basis. Very mathematical, it doesn’t take into consideration other factors affecting our daily nutrition, but still worth downloading. I like to use it sometimes, mostly for curiosity.