Many find meditation challenging, not because they have yet to understand the meditation techniques and practices they are choosing to adopt in their practice, but because self-directing one’s own practice adds more challenges than simply understanding and mastering the technique itself. The mind wants constant attention and will try just about everything to pull you out of your practice. When we self-direct our practice we might feel distracted from a number of things, to name a few:

1.   The noise and movements of people and objects around us (i.e. the ticking clock);
2.  The memories of the day just past (either positive, neutral or negative) and/or the things to remember for the day to come (i.e. errands and other to-dos);
3.  The sensations arising in our own bodies (i.e. discomfort from sitting, hunger, thirst, the temperature); and so forth.

One thing that can be especially distracting is not knowing when to end your meditation sitting. There are many wonderful APPs, such as Head Space, Calm and Insight Timer for supporting and sustaining a meditation practice, particularly for those new to meditation. The timer or a set practice duration is especially helpful for meditators to forget about the time altogether and commit entirely to the practice.

These meditation MP3s are simple timers free from alarms or sharp sounds but rather bookended with brief spiritual music excerpts.

They do not teach meditation techniques, you’ll need my free course 7-week Breath-awareness Meditation Course for developing your habitual practice in some of the many meditative techniques out there, both ancient and modern.

They are meant to bring you into the practice, and provide you with a little peace of mind about the one thing I think we all seem to worry too much about these days: time. The music helps to bring you into the present moment at the start and end of your meditation sitting. I find it helpful at times. Music is beautiful. I also use these for workshops and classes to ease students into and out of the practice before giving instructions for the practice. Adopt the meditation techniques you feel most comfortable with, and select the timing you prefer (10-, 15-, 20-, 25-, 30-, 35-, 40-, or 45-minutes). You could even gently increase the length as you develop your practice.

You can download all of these files together right here.