Last week was week 1 of the new semester, and therefore, week 1 of the new round of Integral Yoga classes.
This year I’ve added an extra make-up week of classes, so at the same cost, there’s an additional week (week 17), for those who want to attend any classes they missed during round 1, semester 1.

The dates for the first 16-week (+1 week make-up classes) round of classes are: week commencing Monday 14th September – week ending Friday 8th January

But there is still time to sign up or join later if you’ve missed week 1.

I’ve been looking forward to starting the new round of classes again, and sharing some wonderful new  meditation, breathing and Integral Yoga techniques.

And one more thing that made me very happy last week: mi amor joined my classes for the first time ever, and he even came twice in one week! It’s such a good experience to share Integral Yoga with him.

Bye for now, will keep you posted.

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