Integral Yoga fuses techniques from Hatha yoga (working with the physical body), Kundalini yoga (working with the energetic body) and Dhyana yoga (meditation or mind-work) with a Taoist twist. This is because an integral approach to yoga does not favour asana practice above all other aspects of a yogic practice, as many modern styles and paths tend towards.

Integral yoga calms and elevates the mind, whilst relaxing and energising the body, which in turn can bring about profound changes into the lived experiences of those who practice it.

Why bother developing an Integral Yoga practice?

There is a yearning inside of each of us to explore the world and ourselves in relation to it. A calling within each of us for authenticity, to be as fully ourselves as we are able. This practice is a simple and holistic way to begin to achieve that alongside the reality that is our daily lives. You do not need (much) money, you do not need (many) possessions, or anything else you think you (might) need. You only need to take some time to do your Sadhana (daily practice), in order to begin to fully experience your own wisdom through the framework of your own body.

I can promise you that. But don’t take my word for it. You can find out for yourself through the practice. And it’s a simple fuss-free practice. Integral Yoga is here waiting patiently for you, whenever the urge to explore comes to you.