Based on the teachings of Deng Ming-Dao and Mantak Chia, this course aims to provide you with the primary teachings of Taoism, packaged as guided meditations that first briefly outline the philosophical teachings of Taoism, followed by step-by-step instructions of working with the body, nature and the five elements. The taoist practices presented in this course include: ‘Inner Smile’, ‘Six Healing Sounds’, ‘Organ Breathing’ as well as other adaptations based on traditional Taoist teachings on grounding, the body and nature, yin-yang balancing practices and healing love and sexual energy practices.

In this course, you will receive:

1  x    introduction on the relaxation course (mp3 format);
9  x    guided taoist meditations (mp3 format);
1  x    booklet on the 9 mind-body taoist practices, including information on the multiple connections between taoist practices and yogic practices as well as transcripts of audios (pdf format); and
1  x    invitation to a private Facebook group for ongoing community support (online).