Body-awareness: 7 Meditations for Cultivating Present-centred Embodiment


Body-awareness meditations broadens the physical context of your meditation practice by incorporating the body more fully and explicitly. These meditations alternate between narrow and wide focus of attention, subtle and loud rhythms of breath and body movements, implicit and explicit bodily sensations, body-awareness meditations fine tune your capacity to maintain presence and cultivate deeper concentration and awareness. This online course promises to broaden your experiences in your meditation practice and progresses at a comfortable pace.

In this meditation course, you will receive:

1  x    introduction to the body-awareness meditations course (mp3 format);
7  x    guided body-awareness meditations, 1 x for each day of the week x 7 weeks, each one ranging from 10 – 40 minutes (mp3 format);
1  x    booklet on the 7 meditations, including instructions on how to sit in meditation and transcripts of audios (pdf format); and
1  x    invitation to a private Facebook group for ongoing community support (online).