Workshop Aims:

These workshops aim to introduce students various Yoga Nidra as a deep form of relaxation, healing and the heightening consciousness. practices.

What These Workshops Includes:

One guided Yoga Nidra practice;
Sound bath with Himalayan singing bowls; and
Time for questions and sharing

Possible Yoga Nidra Practices & Workshop Themes:

Perceiving Truth: Sensing The Body
Capturing Truth: Awareness of Breath and Energy
Taming Truth: Awareness of Feelings and Emotions
Riding Truth Home: Awareness of the Body of Intellect
Transcending Truth: Awareness of the Body of Joy
Truth and Self Transcended: Awareness of the Body of Ego-I
Reaching the Source: Living the Natural State

Please Note: The above workshops are based on Dr Richard Miller’s teachings of Yoga Nidra.