Workshop Aims

These workshops aim to introduce students the practices of Integral Yoga that focus specifically on one or more of the chakra. Integral Yoga sessions work on full-body stimulation as well as specific stimulation. Specific stimulation might be therapeutic, such as soothing the lower back, or energetic, such as opening the heart centre (anahata, the fourth chakra).

What These Workshops Includes

2-hour Integral Yoga session (including meditation and relaxation);
Chinese tea using 2-3 natural ingredients (including guidance on their preparation and health properties);
Samples of Chinese tea to take home; and
Time for asking questions and sharing

Possible Workshop Themes

First Chakra:
Releasing the past, especially childhood anger
Generating healing energy
Boosting vital energy
Increasing a sense of grounding

Second Chakra:
Regulating menstrual cycles
Unlocking creative energy
Releasing buried emotions
Soothing and opening the pelvis and lower back
Uncovering with the authentic self

Third Chakra:
Improving digestion
Cleansing the liver
Enhancing the gall bladder function
Strengthening the pancreas
Healing the kidneys
Repairing stress damage in the lower triangle of chakra

Fourth Chakra:
Unlocking the neutral mind
Calming and balancing the heart
Boosting the immune system
Reducing blood pressure
Opening the heart centre
Preventing heart attacks
Boosting the thymus gland function
Reducing stress and resolving issues from the past

Fifth Chakra:
Opening the higher centres
Generating glandular balance and bliss
Improving the thyroid gland function
Improving the parathyroid gland function
Unlocking the inner voice

Sixth Chakra:
Increasing cognitive function
Balancing and recharging the nervous system and immune system
Reducing mental fatigue
Treating epilepsy
Helping prevent migraines and headaches
Treating depression
Heightening intuition
Releasing subconscious fear

Seventh & Eighth Chakra:
Treating habituation or addiction
Opening the crown chakra
Transferring healing energy
Healing the self and others
Bringing light to all the chakra