Workshop Aims

These workshops aim to introduce students the practices of Kundalini Yoga and Yin Yoga. In coupling these two ancient/modern paths of yoga, the teachers aim to demonstrate not only the compatibility of ancient Indian and ancient Chinese philosophical traditions, but also to demonstrate that most of the differences are merely semantic. 

Regardless of whether one takes a traditional approach, by tracing these paths back to their ancient origins, or a modern approach, by unpacking the significance of the basic principles and numerous techniques, both Kundalini and Yin work deliberately with one’s inward-focused mental experiences (emotion, intention and introspection) and one’s energetic body (vital energy or life force). 

In coupling these two paths of yoga, these workshops also aim to demonstrate through practice how they nurture the balance of dynamic yang energy, in elevating and expanding it through Kundalini Yoga, and yin energy, in restoring and conserving it through Yin Yoga.

What These Workshops Includes

Kundalini Yoga session (Yang Energy);
Yin Yoga session (Yin Energy);
Closing meditation;
Healthy bites and tea;
Practice work booklet; and
One-to-one tutorial (optional)

Possible Workshop Themes

Kundalini Yoga: A kriya for experiencing your own strength
Yin Yoga: A flow for grounding, holding & relaxing
Closing Meditation: The breathing body & the natural world

Kundalini Yoga: A kriya for releasing emotions & withstanding pressure
Yin Yoga: A flow for loosening the hips & lower body
Closing Meditation: Mindfulness of sounds & thought

Kundalini Yoga: A kriya for elevating energy & uplifting the spirit
Yin Yoga: A flow for working the spine
Closing Meditation: Body of light

Kundalini Yoga: A kriya for strengthening the magnetic field & heart centre
Yin Yoga: A flow for opening the heart
Closing Meditation: Loving-kindness & compassion