This is a one-day workshop that focuses on the many types of Pranayama (yogic breath regulation). You might have already come across some Pranayama in your yoga classes or online, but the vast range of Pranayama for various purposes is impressive. Being introduced to them through both some mild meditative practice as well as through their integration into an Integral Yoga series can be very helpful indeed. It will offer you insight into which to draw upon, when, why and how, as well as some extensive and active practice that you will be able to take home with you after the workshop.

Contents of the Workshop
Two guided meditation sessions, one 1.5 hour focused integral yoga class, one 2-hour talk followed by a open discussion, a workbook & hand-outs and some light refreshments. These components can be tailored to suit your individual needs and requests.

Available Dates for Booking
Most weekends and national holidays, subject to change and open to requests.

Either at Essential Wellness Centre (in Yinzhou, Ningbo) or at a venue of your choice for an additional travel fee.

400 RMB per person (with a minimum of 4 people attending.

For more information or to book this workshop, please contact me, Gabriella Buttarazzi, via email at, via WeChat: GabriellaFB or via telephone at +86 13957844966 for more information or to book a workshop retreat, event or place.