Free Daily Meditation Sessions for Exam Stress

Calling all University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) Students: You are invited to join the free daily meditation drop-in sessions during the exam period. All sessions are lead by Gabriella Buttarazzi and held in room 111 of the UNNC sports centre everyday from 4:15-5pm. The free daily sessions run on the following dates: Week 12 […]

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Yoga Nutrition In Practice

Nutrition plays an important role when it comes to nurturing and sustaining a yogic lifestyle, it simply cannot be excluded from your approach to your practice. Take a read of the blog post A Quick Note About These Vegetarian Recipes for more information on my simple food philosophy, and also take a look at my workshop Yoga Nutrition: […]

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A Quick Note About These Vegetarian Recipes

I must share a few words about these recipes before you explore them. The three struggles that many people face when embarking on their yogic journey seem to be: Having an Integral practice, like Integral Yoga, increases the sensitivity of the subtle body, so many people often find they are more sensitive to late nights, drinking […]

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‘Diversity’ Workshop Free Meditation Gifts Now Available!

Thanks to some wonderful students I am proud to say represent the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, I was asked to give a workshop for Diversity, the student association I rigorously support that aims to raise awareness on LGBTQ+ issues and debated, as well as others related to social equalities. Of course, I said I’d […]

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Food Sourcing In & Around Ningbo

It has been challenging for me to get organised in China, apart from not being able to read at all at the beginning, there were so many foods I didn’t recognise. Sometimes you  pick up an ingredient in the supermarket and have no idea if it’s a fish or vegetable! It is also standard practice […]

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Spanglish?! Language Transfer in the Yoga Class

When based in Spain, I began my journey into yoga teacher training in Valencia, as you know if you’ve read my About page. I think it was the best way to improve my Spanish at the time. I had a basic understanding of functional Spanish, and because I was more or less bilingual with Italian and English […]

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New Semester, New Classes

Last week was week 1 of the new semester, and therefore, week 1 of the new round of Integral Yoga classes. This year I’ve added an extra make-up week of classes, so at the same cost, there’s an additional week (week 17), for those who want to attend any classes they missed during round 1, semester 1. […]

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Name Giving at Dharma Ananda

This July, I returned to attend a monthly seminar in Valencia, at my yoga school Integral Yoga Dharma Ananda. A journey from my current home in China, Ningbo, to the UK to stay with my family, to Spain and then Sweden, to stay with my partner’s family. The only time I can really return to Europe […]

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Welcome Home To Yourself

Keep updated with musings and salutations from Integral Yoga World here. Learn more about my story right here. Also, if you haven’t yet, get your free hand-crafted 7-week online course for breath-awareness meditations right here. Sign up the mailing list to receive your free gift today. Integral Yoga World is a space dedicated to education, […]

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