The Art of Integral Being offers teaching and teacher training in yoga and meditation as well as workshops and short courses in theory into practice, breathwork and integration practices.

Integral approaches view the body, mind and soul, science and spirituality, practice and research, the sacred and the profane as multi-facets of the same unified whole. Our approach is holistic.

Integral Yoga of the Dharma Ananda tradition fuses Hatha, Kundalini and Dhyana Yoga and relaxation with a Taoist twist to work on the physical, mental and energetic bodies. Integral breathwork fuses research from transpersonal and entheogenic practices with breathing, music and creative integration. Our Mindfulness, Wakefulness and Integration courses offer accessible introductions to meditation as well as advanced practices and support for those who are navigating the awakening process.

The Art of Integral Being is founded by Gabriella Buttarazzi and Edward Sellman, both of whom are doctorally trained and actively research, teach and practice all of these approaches.

Sat Nam